LIDERA: Team management for profitable farms
Curso Executivo

LIDERA: Team management for profitable farms

R$ 997,00


What is the Lidera Training? 


 The Lidera course is a methodology developed by the Inttegra Institute for managing high-performance teams in agribusiness. We believe that the right people are the greatest asset of any farm, which is why in this course you will receive training in team management that prepares you to build, lead and motivate high performance teams and, thus, achieve a PROFITABLE FARM together through a HAPPY TEAM. 


What will you learn from us? 


 We have our own methodology, with dynamic classes with focused and objective content. In addition, we present PRACTICAL MANAGEMENT TOOLS to be applied on a daily basis in order to transform your team into a HIGH LEVEL team that performs and ACHIEVES RESULTS. 


It all starts with building and STRENGTHENING the company's CULTURE. With established VALUES and understanding the BEHAVIOR PROFILES of your team members, it is easier to design your team with ASSERTIVE HIRING and training. 


At LIDERA you will learn to motivate the team, to apply feedback in a positive way, to delegate efficiently and to awaken your team's OWNER ATTITUDE and, as a consequence, you will be able to retain DEVELOPED TALENTS and will walk the path to a SELF-MANAGED farm. 


Remembering that on this path, although the team is not a family, the FAMILY CAN BE A TEAM and the succession, if well planned and developed, can happen without trauma. 


With this course, what we propose to you is HAPPY PEOPLE BEATTING GOALS! 

Our training menu consists of: 


Introductory Module 

What is HR Management Really? 

Why do people do 

The Lead method 


Values Module 

Farm culture and key behaviors 

Farm has soul and personality 

How to set values 

How to permeate the values 


Vision Module 

 Vision beyond reach, the basis for people management 

How is it today and how should it be? 

30 years in 3 hours 

How the farm is today (SWOT) 

Team in numbers part 1 

Team in numbers part 2 

Each one's side 

Dominant red profile 

Influential yellow profile 

Stability green profile 

Compliance blue profile 

Tuning the leader profile 

Political aspects and the influence matrix 

The Three Anchors of Vision 

Scaling the herd I want 

The Pyramid of Goals 

One page plan 


Autonomy Module  

Conquer and help conquer. Maturity levels 

Delegating to not letting go of task management 

Factors that motivate action and positive pressure 

The week rules the result. The month calibrates the look 

The year 

Throwing stones meeting 

Expectation contract 

Organization Chart Boycentrism 

Recruitment and selection 

Integration and dismissal 


Chat with Jaque Lubaski. Recruitment and selection 


Domain Module 

The excellence and power of number 

Systematize: The success principle 

Continuing education program 

Feedback and the cod head 



Purpose Module 

The energy of waking up early 

Sense of Ownership: The Difference Between Task and Mission 

The power of questions 

The variable compensation plan 


Leadership Module 

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence 

Command is mine, responsibility is mine 

The leader and the Lidera Method: Go there and do 


Working with Family Module 

 Agribusiness and family work 

Parents and children, mistakes and successes 

Succession and entry of family members on the farm 

Go there and make family 


Closing Module 

Thanks and Closing 


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LIDERA: Team management for profitable farms
Curso Executivo

LIDERA: Team management for profitable farms

R$ 997,00



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