Transforming Livestock Management through Education

Our purpose is to transform the way that professionals in the agribusiness are educated and we pursue it through our values, which are: educate, entertain and inspire. Our purpose is applied to the reality through a more objective, complete and faster education.

We want to impact the way to teach and make livestock farming, and for that we have courses and qualifications from several levels, since basic to more detailed and advanced contents. Throughout a learning system that is modern and oriented to build skills of high applicability, our success will be measured through our students' professional's growth. With short and direct classes, we deliver much knowledge and cherish that our students really have the opportunity to get hands-on.

The success of the application of any technical measure is deeply dependent on who is going to put it into operation. That's why Inttegra University is dedicated to training people, because we are sure that only well-trained and motivated people promote the continuous evolution of the farm's result.

Our courses are based on the experience acquired in more than 20 years of consulting and aim to train participants and provide subsidies for the indication of actions that have a positive impact on the farm's metrics.

Antonio Chaker


Qual a experiência do professor nessa área?

MSc. Antonio Chaker El-Memari Neto. Graduated in Animal Science and Master in Animal Production from the State University of Maringá. Senior consultant, he has been working on agricultural management projects for 23 years. It focuses on increasing manageability and profit.


Coordinator of the Integra Institute, which monitors more than 780 farms distributed in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay, totaling a herd of 2.17 million heads in more than 1.5 million hectares. He has given training since 1997 and is dedicated to adapting and applying management methods for results to the specific reality of the agricultural sector.

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Farm in Numbers - Financial + Analysis P

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Farm in Numbers

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Opinião de quem conhece

I am a veterinarian in charge of Inovapec, a veterinary consulting and assistance company located in the southwest of Bahia. For me it has been very satisfying. It has added too much knowledge. It totally surpassed my expectations. The format of the course that Antônio proposed to do is a simple format; they are short classes that allow us to absorb 100% of the approached content. Through Integra Institute's Gamma Level Certification course, I was able to learn how to analyze indicators and manage efficiently, implementing Integra Institute's method. In this way I was able to generate and enable greater results to the farms assisted by us. If you also want to generate greater results to the farms of your clients and leverage your career you too can become certified by Integra Institute.
Ingrid Moreira
Inovapec - Guanambi - BA
I am Salvador Sidona, a cattle rancher from the region of Assis in the state of São Paulo. We work with beef cattle, specializing in the breeding phase. I got to know Chaker's work in the event of our cooperative called Reproducanda. And I was delighted with the depth with which he dealt with issues related to business management. So, I read the book How to Make Money in Cattle Raising, then I took the P analysis, I'm taking the MAPP, and I've already purchased the LIDERA course. I am very satisfied with the results obtained so far and I recommend everyone who wants a more professional management in their activity to use the Inttegra tools. Here's the tip.
Salvador Sindona
Farmer - Assis - SP
It was a really complete course where he manages to put together both the financial part and the cattle projects part. The course was able to aggregate this macro vision, that is, a more systematized vision of what the Brazilian cattle-raising evolution is, and it is certainly able to aggregate and many financial and economic fundamentals that will dictate the business rule. So, I highly recommend the course, it added a lot to my knowledge and really understood financially, economically how I can be more productive, more profitable and leave more margin.
Allysson Febronio
For those who do not know me my name is Murilo and I am the owner of Farm Tech Solutions and today I am here to tell you that I chose to take the course of the Institute Integra Gama certification and I enjoyed doing the course too much the classes are very short and I learned a lot with the certification. It opened my mind to many opportunities. And I understand that to do a good farm management you need numbers, and with the certification I learned how to raise these numbers. I am managing to apply this in the farms I am assisting. So, it was very rewarding, the staff was very attentive, and the course was very worthwhile. I thank Chaker and all his team very much!
Murilo Salin
Farm Tech Soluções - SP
I am Milton Cavalcante, cattle breeder and cattle ranching consultant certified gamma level by the Inttegra Institute! I want to tell you that the integra certification was transforming for me and that the classes bring a lot of knowledge, a lot of information exchange, the classes are very fast and dynamic, a lot of practice and we really learn how to do the account. They are cases from real farms! It is very interesting, guys. You have all the support from the Integra Institute's staff. And it opens many career opportunities. It is a booming market in livestock now, and there are many opportunities yet to come. So, if you are a consultant, if you are a cattle breeder, it is worthwhile to do the gamma level certification of Inttegra, folks. Regards.
Milton Alves Cavalcanti Neto
Porto Franco - MA
Hi guys, I met Integra Institute's platform in an event and took the 360P course, which led me to this certification course. This course is very interesting, the classes are recorded in a new system and this allows us to have access to them anywhere and without interruption. The online classes are very interactive very interactive and dynamic. This helps a lot for us to develop in the course. And this certification brought me a knowledge in metrics and a numerical vision of the farm. It makes management much easier; this course enabled us to have an analysis of indicators focused on management and with a focus on profitability results. And this makes management work much easier and adds a lot to one's professional career.
Giancarlo Cambauva
Rio Verde - GO
I confess that I had a certain fear of internet courses, the 360 P made me change my mind, for me today it is an advantage that you can watch it wherever you want, as many times as you want, you can pause the class to make notes. We know the particularities of each farm and this course can be very functional, we can use it in most situations. Antônio uses a very simple and didactic methodology, he uses a board where you evolve house by house, your learning evolves step by step, which helps a lot. It is a course that changed my vision for the cattle-raising business, changed my work methodology, and has influenced my routine a lot. I am grateful to Integra Institute, always very helpful, the whole team, even today I call Integra to ask questions, always with the greatest politeness, always attending in the best way. I am already doing my second course, which is the P Analysis, and I will not stop here. Thank you very much
Frederico Nadaf
Zootecnista, and beef cattle consultant
What motivated me to seek this certification was the search for new opportunities for my career. In the area where I was until then there was no perspective. The classes are short and objective, easy to understand, and I found the content excellent. There is a lot of content and the classes are very accessible. The transformation that this certification brought was the new opportunities that it has already brought to my career even before I finished. And I can already see a perspective of greater gains with the consulting. So it is excellent, I indicate and recommend the Gamma certification from the Institute.
João Vitor Tonietti
Silveira Consultoria - Cuiabá - MT
I'm an agronomist engineer, rural producer and recently I'm finishing the Gama certification of the Integra Institute and Agro Foundation taught by our friend Antonio Chaker. The course was a turning point for me, the practical classes, quick lessons and the hands-on experience show us how important it is to have a quality management in our farms. They need to be remunerated, because they are assets and a good project starts with good planning. We have to know where we are and where we want to go. And also how much money there is on the table, how much we can achieve. It teaches us to build a plan starting with the margin, and I thought this was very cool, and for those of you who want a differential in your profession, a differential in your farms, both rural producers and consultants, I strongly recommend the Integra Institute's courses. Especially the Gama certification.
Luiz Felipe Leite de Lorenzo
Araçatuba - SP
One of the reasons that led me to take the certification course at the Integra Institute was to learn more about the integra method, which is a method for transforming the farm through numbers. With it we can identify the good business that does well! The methodology used in the course is also very good, they are quick classes of five to ten minutes, with practical exercises of real cases, every fortnight we also have a live class, so it is not a tiresome course, it is very dynamic, very practical. Today, at the end of the certification, I can say that I can look at the farm, the rural property in a different way. Analyze through numbers and make the right decisions, appropriate for each case. Today at the end of the course I can say that I am an expert in identifying where the farm may be failing to make money and present the appropriate solutions to achieve maximum profitability.
Cylon Magagnin Filho
Campo Grande - MS
I am Lucas Sales, zootecnist and student of the first Gama certification class of Integra Institute, and in this certification we had the opportunity to learn to see the farm in a critical and constructive way. Based on productive and financial indicators. Always taking into consideration what it is and what it should be. Based on the indicators that we have via Inttegra. And this certification consists of online classes, together with all of Antonio's team, and recorded classes, which, despite being recorded, are at the same time very practical because we do exercises all the time, simulating situations that we encounter on a daily basis. So here is my recommendation for those who want to participate in Integra Institute's Gama certification.
Lucas Henrique Brito Sales
Goiânia - GO
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Caio Pazini
Descrição do depoimento
I am a veterinarian, a rural producer and also a technical consultant in properties, I have been a graduate for nine years and I confess to you that this Integra course was very important for me with this issue of data collection. I did all of them, I gathered all the possible information, I managed to unveil the X-ray here, and I filled out the benchmarking in relation to correlating it with their numbers and I went on to create the goal. We can see that we are much further behind than we are able to reach, and thanks to Daniel Mano, especially for his constant, daily support, I was able to define the main goals I should follow. I imagined something very high investment and quite the opposite, it became clear to us the numbers and that I depend a lot on focusing on what I already have and that I have a lot of capacity to improve with everything I already have today with the structure I already have and the herd. So thank you very much, Inttegra people!
Luis de Boaventura
Veterinarian, rural producer, and technical consultant


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